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"Trumpeter Swan on White Lake"

An interactive panorama of
Mill Point Park habitat_2015.
(Think of it as a virtual visit)

Photos from the
2015 Nature Walks


Watershed Wildlife Photo Gallery
of Local Wildlife

All images (c) Jerry Grady

Feeding the Birds?

Pelicans Return

Tuesday May 12 about two dozen White Pelicans were observed in various locations in White Lake. Photos HERE


Congratulations to everyone involved!

Kayak Habitat Tour Photos

Tundra Swans Visit White Lake

The White Lake
Environmental History Project

Watershed Surprises (Click one)

A 49 minute educational video presentation

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The "Save Our Dunes" video
featured on Wood TV News!

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This site was created for the residents of the White River watershed communities. I explored the shores of White Lake as a child to build rafts of driftwood, chase turtles and snakes, insects and tadpoles. In the course pursuing the complexity of it all I learned a great deal. I grew up fishing the lake and the channel and eventually sailed on it both summer and winter. As a result, I've assumed a certain ownership over "My Lake", its tributaries and marshes and the wildlife within it and wish for it to carry on in good health. In recent years I've wandered the watershed to photograph the treasures we have here in order to show others. I created this site to promote its protection and conservation for future generations.

More recently I have expanded my photography to other watersheds in western Michigan and look forward to documenting wildlife, habitats and conservation activities within a broader scope.

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Eastbrook Homes vs. Wildlife Habitat


The Fundraising Goal Has been Reached!!

A chance to save the White River Township Dune Sanctuary.



Some recent photo-ops...

Inaugurated October 29th, 2008
April 21st, 2016

All images (c)Jerry Grady
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A VIDEO (3-1/2 minutes)
A casual look at the wildlife and no-so-wild life in the watershed.

Sunrise over the marsh
[A 28 second video]

More videos on my Watershed Wildlife Blog HERE

Our annual "Icebergs"
End of Winter at the White Lake channel